Creating Impact
for Today and Tomorrow. 2018 Report

Responsive Programs + Talented Staff + Visionary Thinking = Real Impact

Barbara McFater
Ellamae Chua

Ellamae Chua | Chair, Board of Directors
Barbara McFater | Executive Director


Responsive Programs

Partnering With One of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Employment Sectors

PTP is continually evolving as the labour market shifts, and one of Canada’s fastest-growing employment sectors is food and beverage processing. PTP’s new Elevate program responds to the demand for trained food workers with free, integrated and accessible programming.

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Integrated Services

Pathways Tailored to Individual Needs

One of PTP’s great strengths is integrated programming, tailored to individual needs. We work hard to ensure seamless pathways for our participants, helping them to identify key strengths and skills, and find ways to bridge the gaps that prevent them from learning and finding work.

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Active Stakeholders

Advocacy for Decent Work

Our past work with the Fair Fare campaign for affordable transit demonstrated that we can make our voices count. Participants learned how to plan tasks, solve problems, and work as a team. They felt they were able to make a difference in their community and take pride in their work, building confidence and demonstrating initiative as they learned.

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Strong Partnerships

Strong Partnerships to Serve a Growing Client Base

PTP’s Literacy and Essential Skills program is one of our longest-running and most successful initiatives. We currently offer versions of this program at two locations in Toronto and with partners across Canada.

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Engaged Staff

Engaged Staff; Creative Outcomes

PTP relies on its talented staff to develop innovative programs that respond to the needs of a diverse client base – and those staff flourish in our flexible, adaptive work environment.

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