Building for the Future: Exploring the Trades

For clients receiving income support from Toronto Employment and Social Services 


Are you interested in a career in the trades? The Building for the Future (BFF) program will guide you through the apprenticeship system, helping you transition into employment, further education and training, or other work preparation according to your needs. The BFF program offers you the opportunity to develop employability skills, set goals, explore career options, and gain an in-depth understanding of skilled trade’s apprenticeship. 


Program Details:

  • Customized program activities to develop a range of individual skills at your level.
  • Learn life and employability skills.
  • Learn to set measurable goals.
  • Receive ongoing feedback on your progress.
  • Understand the apprenticeship system and your place within it.
  • Transition to the next step in your career path.


Who is Eligible?

If you are 19 or older with gaps in your education or training, or if you lack work experience and would like to explore entering the skilled trades, this program may be a good fit for you. 


Program Duration

  • The core Building for the Future program runs for 12 weeks. 
  • Small group activities and workshops are delivered part-time.
  • Workshops are 2.5 hours each and delivered 4 times a week. 
  • One hour a week of one-on-one counseling is included. 
  • The complete length of the Employment Essentials program will be based on your individual needs and goals. 
  • Post program supports will be an integral part of this intervention. 


How to Enroll:

Please contact Andrew Shaver at 416-510-3266 or for more information or to set up an appointment.