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We can support you through every step of the job search process: From choosing a career to filling out applications, to successfully completing an interview and gaining employment. PTP’s Job Search Workshops provide you with step-by-step guidance as you discover and secure work that you value. Check out the information below to find out more about the workshops, as well as their schedules.


Workshop Schedule

January 2019


Skills Identification

Uncover your talents, interests, and skills and learn how to market and discuss them during the job search and interview process.


Application Forms

What are employers looking for? And what’s the best thing to write on an application form? Gain an understanding of employment terminology, and how to successfully complete application forms in this hands-on workshop.


The Hidden Job Market and Networking

Learn about different ways to look for jobs, including the purpose of networking in connecting with the hidden job market.


How to Contact Employers

Learn how to “sell” yourself to employers. You’ll discuss, role model, prepare cold call “scripts” and an introductory statement to prepare yourself for making contact. Discover how to create a job leads list from various cultural and ethnic business directories.


What to Expect When You Are Hired

What does your employer expect from you? How can you keep a job long-term? What are the standards expected in your labour market? Prepare yourself for success with take-home reference and resource materials from this important workshop.


Interview Practice

Prepare yourself for the interview process by learning about typical questions, illegal questions, and the answers you’ll need to get the job. Gain the opportunity to test your skills through mock interviews, practical application, role modelling, games, videos, and discussion.


Typical Questions and Answers

Learn some helpful hints for answering tough interview questions, while determining which questions to ask an employer during your interview.


Illegal Questions and Practical Application

Use role play and discussion to develop possible responses to questions related to your past experiences, learn about illegal interview questions, and develop the skills you need to navigate the salary negotiation process.


Mock Interviews

Interact with an Employment Facilitator in a video recorded mock interview. Follow up on your results with a private feedback session and additional role play to become comfortable with successfully completing an interview.


Goal Planning and Procrastination

Discover factors that helps and hinders goal attainment and develop some strategies to challenge and beat procrastination.  Through this workshop you will learn the importance of goal setting when preparing for job search and will practice the SMART (S) principle for goal setting.


Handling Conflict

Identify sources of conflict and understand different conflict styles.  Explore personal responses and ways to handle workplace conflicts.  While attending the workshop you will learn and practice Assertive Communication “I” message formula when dealing with conflict.


Dealing with Change and Unemployment

Gain insight into the stages of job loss and find ways to deal with changes and lessen anxiety around them.  Learn the importance of change and constancy and develop coping strategies for dealing with change.


Interested in Attending?

Workshops are offered as part of the Employment Services Program at our Dundas St. West location. Drop by, or call (416) 239-7309 for more information or to set up an appointment.




You may be eligible for financial help up to $28,000 to cover your education expenses and assist you in training for a job you love! The Second Career Program is designed to help unemployed or underemployed Ontarians get the skills and training they need to find jobs in high-demand occupations. Second Career is government funded, so any financial support you receive will never have to be paid back.


Our knowledgeable Employment Counsellors can support you through your decision making process. Attend an information session or call us at (416) 239 7309, extension 19 for more information.



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