Staff List

Executive Director

Barbara McFater


Claudia Abello, Operations and Employment Services


Heather Paterson, Business Development

Program Managers

Simone Morrison, Centre – East

Anne Marie Williams, Centre – West

Milena Lomovic, Employment Services

Program Coordinators

Younes Chiadmi, Marketing

Andrew Shaver, Employment Essentials, East

Katherine Rios, LBS – East

Shahina Suleman, Sector Specific, West

Lyudmyla Vavryshchuk, Employment Essentials, West


Kamran Ahmadpour, East

Linda Armstrong, West

Karin Meinzer, West

Lauren Morris, West

Lucy Ng, East

Richard Pathak, West

Katherine Rios, East

Yvonne Voulgaris, East

Shahina Suleman, West


Tina Deyhimi, Job Solutions

Paula Kaston, Job Solutions

Kunga Norzom, Job Solutions

Cheryl Reid, Employment Essentials, West

Camille deHaney-Brown, Building for the Future

 Job Developers

Monika Daci, Job Solutions

Tatiana Daci, Job Solutions

Administrative Support Staff

Maria Anwer, Job Solutions

Minh Chung, Job Solutions

Avis Henry, East

Hephzibah Imran, East/West

Patricia Kowalska, West

Huong Hoa Nguyen, Finances

Tayba Rasheed, Job Solutions

Staff on leave

Angela Perri, Job Solutions